2019 January Pop – Customize Messages

Here’s a FitGrid strategy to increase the likelihood these clients return and become regulars.

When sending follow-ups, select the 1st Time To Studio Clients and send a special message to them. They can send their default messages to all the others.

“Hi – It was awesome having you at Breathe Studios for the first time. Your energy was amazing! See you next week?”

This will feel more personal to that group of clients and boost their likelihood to return.

Here are a few fun suggestions:

Ask a question “What is your New Year’s resolution?”
Ask about their goals What is one fitness goal I can help you accomplish in 2019?”
Encourage clients to participate in a New Year’s Fitness Challenge and tag you on social media “Tag me in your insta-story after class, and I’ll pick one winner at the end of the month to guest to my class.”
Include a favorite inspirational fitness quote “It never gets easier. You just get stronger.”
Share fitness tips that clients can do outside of class to stick to their resolutions “Try adding fruit to your water to stay hydrated and keep sugar cravings down.”