Update your FitGrid live-stream class settings

We have identified an issue with the way that your service categories are set up in your Mindbody account that needs to be updated as quickly as possible.

As you may know, service categories are used to group similar services in your Mindbody software. We have found that some of your Livestream and in-person classes are in the same service category, which is causing discoverability issues in the FitGrid Class App and other booking platforms. 

Please follow these steps to update your live-stream class settings in order to help clients find your virtual classes:

  1. Log into your Mindbody business account

  2. In Services & Pricing, find the service category with the virtual classes, then make sure to slide the Live Stream toggle to “On.”

  3. You’ll see the message that you’re using another software to host live streams (in this case, FitGrid).

Why should you take 5 minutes to check this setting?

Great question! When you mark a class as live stream, a virtual icon appears beside the class in your online schedules—plus, the classes are surfaced in a virtual category in the FitGrid Class App and the Mindbody consumer app. This creates an intuitive experience for clients choosing to book virtual classes rather than in-person services, making it easier for new and existing clients to find you!

Need more help?

If you’d like assistance with changing these settings in your Mindbody account, contact us at owner-support@fitgrid.com. Our team is happy to help you walk through this process over a screen share.

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