Case Study:
F45 Flatiron

“FitGrid has been a game-changer for us. Running our F45 locations has been non-stop crazy, so having the chance to let our coaches help us boost retention and sales has been a lifesaver, especially since that aligns with their commission structure. 

– Luke Catenacci, Owner

Studio Details

  • Using FitGrid Since
    September 15, 2017
  • Location 
    New York, NY
  • Number of Studios on FitGrid
  • Number of Instructors

Average Open Rate


Average open rate of follow-up messages sent by instructors via FitGrid Pro

Return Rate Increase


Increase in 1st-time clients returning to the studio after receiving a FitGrid follow-up vs. those who didn’t

Retention Rate


Percentage of clients returning to the studio 2 or more times in 30 days

(33% = industry average)

The Challenge

Luke and Jeff Catanecci, owners of F45 Flatiron in New York City, were looking to achieve two major goals—increase the number of clients who return to their gym and help their coaches to sell more classes. 

Personal communication between the studio’s coaches and respective clients would be the most effective way to reach out to clients and increase the likelihood that they would return.  The Catanecci brothers knew it would be far too time consuming for coaches to send personal emails to every client after each of their classes—which could range anywhere from 15 to 20 clients per class—but they knew there had to be a better way for instructors to connect with clients outside of class. 

The Solution

With FitGrid Pro, F45 found a solution that enabled instructors to send personalized or group messages to clients quickly and efficiently. FitGrid Pro makes it easy for instructors prepare for classes, deepen client connections, and send messages directly through the app without opening a single email thread.  The messages encouraged clients to respond to the coaches, whether it be responding through the app, or more importantly, returning back to F45 for another class. 

Beyond the benefits for instructors, the owners could also use FitGrid Studio to track instructor performance and their studio retention rate in real-time. This helped the owners create and modify the studio schedule to support the clients’ needs and preferences as well monitor and  increase profits.

FitGrid is the best way for fitness studios to engage their communities


With FitGrid, F45 has revamped the studio retention, while simultaneously strengthening it’s community, increasing both client engagement and boosting sales. Since starting with FitGrid in September of 2017, F45 has found that 79.3% of clients are opening the FitGrid follow-up messages they receive from their instructors.  Additionally, 70.0% of first-time clients have come back to the studio after receiving a follow-up, compared to 42.4% of first-time clients that came back after not receiving a follow-up message.

  • F45 Flatiron

  • F45 Flatiron

  • F45 Flatiron

  • F45 Flatiron

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