Case Study: Rush Cycle Denver

“With FitGrid, making stronger connections and creating an engaged community is possible! Instructors have communication access to all clients and are able to reach out with a personal unique touch that sets our studio apart from the rest. ”

-Sarah Gee, Master instructor

Studio Details

  • Using FitGrid Since
    August 16, 2018
  • Location 
    Denver, CO
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  • Number of Instructors

Average Open Rate


Average open rate of follow-up messages sent by instructors via FitGrid Pro

Return Rate Increase


Increase in 1st-time clients returning to the studio after receiving a FitGrid follow-up vs. those who didn’t

July Retention Rate


Percentage of clients returning to the studio 2 or more times in 30 days

(33% = industry average)

lagree west

The Challenge

Client Interaction & Engagement

Rush Cycle Denver had the ambitious goal of creating a strong family-like studio atmosphere that would give clients a sense of identity and community, and that would motivate them to return on a more consistent basis.  Rush Cycle promoted client interaction and engagement with the basic marketing tools – social media, other forms of digital marketing as well as events and partnerships. While Rush Cycle was able to reach clients on a surface level they were unable to give each individual member the personal interaction and attention which is what can turn a business into a real “home”. This personal interaction is what creates a “lifetime” member versus a client who cancels their membership after one month of use.

The Solution

FitGrid Instructor Engagement Tools

FitGrid gave Rush Cycle Denver a way to more strongly engage clients by making individual communication accessible through their instructors. What better way to motivate members than to start with who motivates them?

Clients view their instructors as stars, as a vision of who they want to become. If an instructor is able to create a real relationship, clients will forever be hooked as they feel as though they are important and part of something bigger. The person they admire notices them! That is how you create a “lifetime” member. 

The first goal of each studio is to sell memberships. The second and ultimately most important goal is to retain them.  FitGrid enabled Rush Cycle Denver instructors to not only access their complete class lists but also informed instructors which clients were new to the studio, new to them, or who had only taken class a few times. Instructors were then able to create personalized messages and send directly to each client from their phone on the FitGrid app.  This message not only contains their personalized message it also allows for clients to respond and access both the instructor and the studio on their other digital marketing avenues.

FitGrid is the best way for fitness studios to grow and engage their communities

The Results

What clients are saying

Over 6 months month of instructors using the FitGrid Pro app, Rush Cycle saw a 23.5% increase in client retention – (First-time riders signing up for packages and other memberships).  Additionally, compared to their previous 20% open rate for generic announcement emails, Rush Cycle experienced an average open rate of 81.5% on FitGrid Follow-Up Messages.  Due to this new interaction, Rush Cycle was not only able to create the family-like atmosphere that they were striving for, but they were also able to grow their client base more quickly; as new riders were feeling more enticed to purchase something more after their first ride.

“With FitGrid, making stronger connections and creating an engaged community is possible! Instructors have communication access to all clients and are able to reach out with a personal, unique touch that sets our studio apart from the rest.”

Sara Gee, Director of Instructor Programs

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