The Dailey Method’s Secret to Better Virtual Classes and Positive Client Feedback

“You have to embrace working differently than before and embrace technology. It’s trial and error in getting it correct. Listen to what your students want. Continually ask for feedback on experience and how you can improve that for them. Stay engaged. Be positive and upbeat and make each experience powerful and new.”

—Jill Dailey, Founder of The Dailey Method

Results with FitGrid

Retention Rate


By keeping the best teachers on the roster, engaging with students before, during, and after class and streaming from the studio/vs. from home, The Dailey Method was able to increase the percentage of clients returning to class 2+ times in 30 days.

Class Size Increase


Prior to COVID-19, the studios had an average of 8 students per class and a 24 student capacity. With live-streaming, the studios have an average of 26 students per class, a student capacity of 200, and their largest class had 157 students!

Instructor Ratings


Members have submitted 1,338 instructor feedback surveys, giving the instructors an average 9.66 rating out of 10.  Since transitioning to virtual, members have been appreciative and grateful, and their feedback is very positive.

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The Challenge

 COVID-19 Studio Closures

Jill Dailey, the founder of The Dailey Method barre and cycle fitness studio franchise, has been using FitGrid at 28 studio locations, including her flagship studios in Fairfax and Corte Madera, California, since 2018. 

Start of COVID-19:
When non-essential businesses were required to close due to COVID-19 in March 2020, Dailey knew that she needed to act immediately to save her studios. “We had to completely restructure the way we did business,” Dailey recalls.

Taking action:
Dailey began to implement FitGrid’s live-stream solution, FitGrid LIVE, to host virtual classes across the brand, while also staying connected to clients through FitGrid’s communication tools.

The Solution

A combination of FitGrid LIVE classes and strong communication through FitGrid’s core tools

The transition to virtual:
Helping The Dailey Method community maintain a sense of normalcy in such an uncertain time was essential, and Dailey wasted no time getting started.

“We were able to transition to virtual classes quickly. In just one day we transitioned to FitGrid’s live-streaming solution and have continued to use FitGrid LIVE throughout” says Dailey. After three months, The Dailey Method studios had streamed over 2,000 classes.

Why it works:
“My goal was to emulate the outstanding in-house experience” that clients have come to expect from The Dailey Method, said Dailey. FitGrid LIVE provided the ideal solution. Instructors host their live-stream classes from the studio, to minimize distractions in the background and maintain the feeling of being in the studio.

To connect with members from home, The Dailey Method instructors emphasize interpersonal interactions during class. Instructors address participants by name, give “virtual assists” to suggest adjustments on form, and praise the class on a job well done—“providing support whenever clients need it.” Instructors also engage with clients after class, sending follow-up emails through FitGrid to thank them for attending.

FitGrid is the best way for fitness studios to grow and engage their communities

The Results

What clients are saying

Since launching their first virtual classes on March 16, the Fairfax and Corte Madera studios have experienced an increase in member retention, first-time visitor returns, and class size

Prior to COVID-19 closures, the Fairfax and Corte Madera studios had an average of 8 students per class and a 24 student capacity. With FitGrid’s live-streaming solution, the student capacity is now 200, and their largest class so far had 157 students! Larger class capacity through live-streaming allows more students to join each class, keeping the community engaged while driving incremental revenue.

Members have been “very appreciative and grateful,” and their feedback is positive. Out of 1,338 Client Feedback ratings members have given the flagship studios in the last six months, the average score is 9.66 out of 10. This proves that even in the midst of a global pandemic, studios can provide their members with a positive class experience.

Studio Details

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    May 2018
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  • Increase in first-time visitor return rate since Jan. 2020

“FitGrid has been amazing and so supportive. It has saved us a lot of time getting people registered for their classes and enables us to quickly connect with multiple students after each experience.”

Jill Dailey

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