Case Study: The12

“We spend so much time and energy to get clients to walk in our door over our competition, the least we could do is to let them know that we are thankful to see them! And FitGrid is the only way to do that!”

– Josh Boyd, CEO & Founder

Studio Details

Strength Training
  • Using FitGrid since
    April 4, 2018
  • Locations
    Texas & California
  • Number of Studios
  • Number of Instructors

Average Open Rate


Average open rate of follow-up messages sent by instructors via FitGrid Pro

Return Rate Increase

Increase in 1st-time clients returning to the studio after receiving a FitGrid follow-up vs. those who didn’t

July Retention Rate


Percentage of clients returning to the studio 2 or more times in 30 days

(33% = industry average)

The Challenge

Let’s face it—the fitness industry is competitive, and in California, the saturation of group training gyms is as common as the green juice and smoothie shops on every corner. Josh Boyd, CEO & Founder of The 12, needed his gym to stand out, and he wanted a faster way to connect clients and instructors beyond just the interaction in the gym. Boyd started with automated emails, newsletters, and other marketing initiatives, but nothing was delivering the results he wanted. Boyd needed something that was efficient, effortless, and not a huge time-suck for instructors.

The Solution

With its follow-up messaging and reporting features, FitGrid has helped The 12 boost their retention and engagement rates. By stepping away from the previous methods, which yielded little client engagement, instructors were able to see immediate results when clients received messages from the FitGrid app. After class, instructors followed up with clients, sent them a supportive message, and motivated them to come back. The best part? Clients who opened these messages started to come back to class at higher rates: 52.6% the first month, 57.7% the second month, and 60.5% the third month.


On the management side of the business, Boyd used the business intelligence dashboard in FitGrid Studio to align the profit goals of his business. Instructors were able to see, in real-time, how direct communication affected the return rate of the clients.

FitGrid is the best way for fitness studios to grow and engage their communities


FitGrid gave The 12 an opportunity to follow-up with clients, monitor the effectiveness of instructor-client messages, and analyze instructor performance across the board. Because of FitGrid, The 12 went from being just another group fitness studio to a studio that stood out among competitors. 

The relationship between clients and instructors shows in the numbers.  During the first year of using FitGrid, follow-up messages sent by instructors had a 77.3% open rate. Since beginning with FitGrid, just under half (48.9%)  of first-time clients receiving follow-up messages returned to the studio for a subsequent class. 

Furthermore, FitGrid made the lives of instructors easier. Boyd was able to use the FitGrid platform to explain to instructors how a better relationship with clients could also support the instructor’s career—better pay, higher numbers in class, and a stronger following on social media.

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