Case Study: Y2 Yoga

“I truly believe that the long-term interaction with teachers definitely has a positive benefit for the studio and for the students by building a community”

-Tanner, Owner and Lead teacher

Studio Details

  • Using FitGrid since
    December 11, 2017
  • Location
    Charlotte, NC
  • Number of Studios
  • Number of Instructors

Average Open Rate


Average open rate of follow-up messages sent by instructors via FitGrid Pro

Return Rate Increase


Increase in 1st-time clients returning to the studio after receiving a FitGrid follow-up vs. those who didn’t

July Retention Rate


Percentage of clients returning to the studio 2 or more times in 30 days

(33% = industry average)

The Challenge

When it comes to the success of a yoga studio, most studio owners focus on the logistics—convenient location, well-trained instructors, discounted memberships, and unique, out-of-this-world classes. Tanner Bazemore, Owner & Lead Teacher of Y2 Yoga, checked all of the boxes relating to studio logistics, but he could not fill his studio’s classes. Bazemore had no trouble getting clients in the door, but he found it difficult motivating them to come back. 

Bazemore started with the obvious marketing tools, automated follow-up emails and frequent newsletters, but nothing seemed to improve retention in the way he hoped. Bazemore also struggled with managing the studio schedule; he would spend hours analyzing the studio data to try and determine which instructors should be placed in certain time slots and how that could boost retention. The truth was, he was spending a lot of time putting in work using a large number of spreadsheets without seeing any results.

The Solution

FitGrid stepped in to solve many of Y2 Yoga’s problems. FitGrid offered a number of reports that gave Bazemore a clear, analytical view of his instructors’ performances so that he could organize the studio schedule to drive retention. The FitGrid Pro App gave instructors a useful platform to connect with clients after a first-time visit. The follow-up messaging tool made it easy for instructors to message clients after class, which ultimately deepened the instructor-client relationship beyond the classroom – in July of 2019 a total of 1,286 messages were exchanged between instructors and clients via FitGrid Pro. After all, clients were numb to automated emails, and this personal touch made a world of a difference.

FitGrid is the best way for fitness studios to grow and engage their communities


FitGrid showed Bazemore and the Y2 Yoga team how to save time and it gave them the tools to help create a strong community among instructors, clients, and studio management.  In the first year of using FitGrid, Y2 Yoga saw an average of 68.9% open rate of the follow-up messages sent to clients by the instructors. They also saw a 35.3% increase in the number of first-time clients who came back to class after receiving a follow-up message from an instructor compared to those who didn’t receive any post-class communications powered by FitGrid.

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