FitGrid Challenge Series

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Use the simple, pre-built feature to run a successful challenge at your studio without all the legwork.

FitGrid Challenges generate a 37% lift in reservations*

*On Average in FitGrid Class App

FitGrid Challenges Drive Revenue & Reservations

The FitGrid Challenge series is a participation event that will award a prize to a person with the highest attendance during the challenge window. Prizes include:

APRIL 2022 CHALLENGE – $300 Nike Gift Card

April 2022 challenge winners will receive a $300 Nike Gift Card directly from FitGrid that is redeemable online or at any Nike retail store.

Sample Leaderboard

Your leaderboard will display clients who are participating in the challenge.


March Challenge: Hannah T from BikramYogaWorks won $300 Lululemon Gift Card

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Challenges work?

FitGrid Challenges are a fully managed solution designed to drive reservations and revenue at your studio. Here’s an overview of how they work:

  • We’ll let clients know about the challenge series
  • Clients begin to reserve classes through Class App
  • Any client who attends 4+ classes will entered to win
  • Clients must attend the 4+ classes in less than 14 days
  • After 14 days, FitGrid will randomly select the winner  
  • The winning client will be sent a $300 Nike Gift Card prize
What are the benefits of this feature?

FitGrid and your studio are already aligned on driving reservations and revenue at your studio. This program is designed to increase both by incentivizing clients with possible rewards for high attendance.

Can I opt my studio out of this program?

Yes, simply reach out to owner-support@fitgrid.com and let us know.

What is the goal of this program?

The goal of the FitGrid Challenge series is simple: drive reservations and package sales at your studio. To facilitate this, we create a leaderboard for your studio that displays which of your clients have visited most during the duration of the challenge.

To motivate clients to attend, those who reserve class through the FitGrid Class App and attend 4 or more times in two weeks are automatically entered into a raffle to win a $300 Nike Gift Card, paid for by FitGrid!

Who will receive the challenge announcement?

Any clients who attended your studio recently will receive the challenge announcement. In addition, for studios that have enabled the Class App, an email announcing the challenge will be sent to all customers eligible to receive post-booking emails.

Who will appear on the leaderboard?

Anyone reserving via Class App who attends during the challenge will appear on the leaderboard.

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