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The FitGrid system was created to improve engagement, deepen connections and increase revenue.

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Fitness is more fun with friends

Find in-person and virtual classes across the globe, connect with classmates and earn rewards.


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Acquire and Retain More Members in as Few as 15 Minutes

Automate Live-Streaming

FitGrid LIVE builds a bridge between Zoom and Mindbody, allowing you to automate scheduling, reminders, and class link distribution.

> Studios give FitGrid LIVE 5/5 stars

Strengthen Your Sales Funnel

FitGrid provides sales and marketing automation to help you create stronger communities and revenue streams.

> Get 15% more client returns and 3x more money w/in 90 days

Generate Authentic Referrals

An innovative social network, FitGrid’s Class App increases client referrals and helps studios unleash the power of community.

> 1 of 6 members referred via FitGrid join the studio

Gain Immediate Client Feedback

Post-class surveys can help you improve scheduling, instructor performance, and overall customer experience.

> Studios get an avg. of 160 client feedback scores of 10/10 in their first 30 days

Understand Client Data

Create targeted segments and optimize pricing, schedule, and packages with insights into member patterns, preferences, and goals.

> FitGrid provides 10x more data on clients

Improve Customer Retention

Monthly reports that break down revenue, retention, audience, and demographics by instructor.

> Connected clients attend 66% more classes

Engage Your Clients, Empower Your Team, Scale Your Business

Opt into the full suite of FitGrid tools or select specific tools a la carte. Either way, building deeper connections and a stronger community can transform the customer experience and your bottom line.

FitGrid Live

FitGrid Studio

A powerful suite of community engagement tools that drive revenue and retention, and automates fast reliable live-stream ability.


FitGrid Pro App

Give your instructors more insight into what their clients want, plus a quicker way to send follow-up messages to class attendees.

FitGrid Class App

FitGrid Class App

An app to connect clients to each other and their instructors, track workouts, and form groups–all while you gain critical insights into your community.

Trusted By Clients and Industry Experts

FitGrid Studio

“My customers love the app and it has helped us to improve retention.”
Claudia Fitzwater, Founder & Lead Coach at Project Body
Claudia Fitzwater

FitGrid Pro

“A really effective and efficient way to connect clients with instructors”
Barbara Bent, Founder & Instructor at Lagree West
Barbie Bent, Lagree West

FitGrid Class App

“Great for connecting with other people who are part of my fitness studio.”
Courtney M., Client at Evolution Power Yoga
Courtney M.

FitGrid Studio

“The automation FitGrid provides has taken a lot of work off my plate”
Cindi Nikituk, Owner of 4 Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Locations

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FitGrid is the only smart community management software that helps fitness studio owners drive success. By connecting staff, instructors, and clients through a powerful learning and recommendation grid, we help you leverage the power of your community to drive your studio’s profitability.

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