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FitGrid LIVE allows you to:

  • Protect your existing revenue sources 
  • Live-stream from anywhere, anytime
  • Automatically create a live-stream class
  • Automatically email live-stream links to clients
  • Automatically send live-stream host link to instructors
  • Accept and control payment through MINDBODY

Access our user guide to learn how to set up our live-stream solution and view best practices. 

FitGrid LIVE Frequently Asked Questions

Our #1 tip to know before offering live-streaming classes to your clients is to test your setup with several mock classes first. 

How does FitGrid LIVE work?

FitGrid presents our studio partners with a list of the classes on their MINDBODY schedule. Studios select which classes they’d like to live-stream, and FitGrid automatically creates a Zoom meeting for that class. When a client signs up for class, FitGrid automatically sends them an email containing the access link, while also sending a ‘host meeting’ link directly to the instructor.

Do I need FitGrid to live-stream video?

You do not, but what FitGrid does is create an automated connection between Zoom and MINDBODY. We make it easy for your clients to sign up for classes using their existing memberships and pricing options. Then we automatically create links to the live-stream and send them to everyone on the roster, including the instructor.

Is there a fee for this service?

There is no additional fee for existing FitGrid clients. However, our streaming partner Zoom charges a $14.99/month fee for its “Pro” level video service that allows classes of any length to be streamed and is required for the solution to work. New FitGrid clients are eligible for a 30-day free trial and then may select one of several plan options we offer.

Is there an individual link sent for each class?

Yes and in fact, it’s even more granular than that. There is an individual link sent for each student in each class. This helps prevent clients from sharing their link with others.

What will I have to do to set this up within MINDBODY?

All you will need to do in Mindbody is set up your schedule and pricing options the way you want them. For instance, if you’re cancelling all in-person classes for a while and want to do 2-3 live-stream classes each day, we recommend adding classes with “virtual” or “live-stream” in the title, or updating your existing class names. You could also add or change pricing options in any way you wish.

Do clients need to download Zoom?

Yes. When clients first click on a Zoom link, they will be prompted to download Zoom if they do not already have it on their device. The process is fast, easy, and only needs to be done once.

When do clients get their livestream link?

Clients get confirmation emails at the time of booking, and emails with the livestream link one hour before class begins. Instructors receive the email with their zoom link roughly 30 minutes before class begins. 

What is the experience for the client?

Clients use their existing packages (memberships, class cards, singles, etc.) to signup for classes as they normally would. There is no change to how your payments, pricing options, or bookings works. Once they complete the reservation, they will receive a confirmation email letting them know that one hour before class is set to begin they will receive an email with the livestream link.

Does each instructor need their own Zoom account?

No. We’ll send them the link they need to get started 30 minutes before class is set to begin. Instructors simply click the access link in the email and will automatically become the meeting host, no special login or credentials are required.

What is the recommended headset to use?

We recommend consumer wireless earbuds like AirPods and Powerbeats Pro. These afford the instructor the ability to move around, while also having the mic close to their mouth. These should then be connected via bluetooth to the computer for optimal sound quality. Please test your setup before going live and see this article about streaming classes with music.

Can I stream multiple classes at the same time?

Not with the initial FitGrid LIVE implementation. We are working on adding multiple accounts and locations for this, but for right now only one live-stream can happen at a time. Please check back for additional information. 

I have multiple studios – can I still use FitGrid LIVE?

The initial FitGrid LIVE implementation supports only one Zoom user per studio in Mindbody. We’re currently working on making it possible to utilize multiple Zoom users under that Zoom account to schedule simultaneous live-streams. 

Will this work for ClassPass clients?

To receive the live-stream link, you need to have the client’s email address on file. If you don’t, we have no way to deliver their unique link to them and we understand that ClassPass stopped sending over client email addresses as of December 2019.  Update: Standby as we work to update this ClassPass Q&A. 

How do I sign clients into the class roster?

When a client clicks the join link and successfully makes their way into the live-stream session, FitGrid LIVE will automatically mark them as present (“signed in”) in MINDBODY when the class ends.

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