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Keeping The Personal Touch In Your Business

FitGrid Studio helps you understand the effectiveness of your team and guides the right daily activities to develop a connected community and successful studio.

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FitGrid Studio

Owner Insights Dashboard

Understand at a glance how the right interactions with the right clients, at the right times, from the right team members can create impact.

Daily Recommendations

Daily list of clients staff should reach out to.  Recommendations on what to say.

Instructor Effectiveness

Client feedback + performance indicator package allows total instructor evaluation

Staff Effectiveness

Tracking of what staff says to clients and overview of completed tasks

Messaging Effectiveness

Effectiveness of messaging strategies on retention and client engagement

Win-Back Strategies

Tools to re-engage lost accounts based on personal relationships developed in studio


World class help articles, chat support, call-in numbers and in-app support as needed

FitGrid Studio Dashboard
FitGrid Studio For Owners

Daily Recommendation System

Daily Recommendations give you and your staff the power to impact your business every day. Success is about consistency. Our system can guide you through every interaction.

  • Smart Segments

    FitGrid divides your client base into segments so you can intervene with at-risk clients or recognize your most loyal ones.

  • Action Plans

    FitGrid send your staff daily recommendations on which customers to reach out to, removing the guesswork around client engagement.

  • Scripts & Messages

    FitGrid provides templates for messages your staff can use, or modify, to achieve the goal of the communication (e.g. encourage a return visit).

  • Client Profiles

    Client Profiles offer details about clients' history with your studio so messages can be further tailored by staff.

  • Effectiveness Insights

    Staff Effectiveness Insights give an overview of how many tasks staff completed and which team members were most productive.  

  • Under The Hood

    FitGrid AI

    Underlying FitGrid's approach to community driven business is our FitGrid Intelligence. This powerful system continually learns and recommends the best way to interact with clients to keep them engaged and connected to your community. The more you use FitGrid, the better the recommendations and the business results get, and the stronger your community becomes. 

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FitGrid is the only smart community management software that helps fitness studio owners drive success. By connecting staff, instructors, and clients through a powerful learning and recommendation grid, we help you leverage the power of your community to drive your studio’s profitability.

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