How FitGrid Can Help Grow Your Revenue

    FitGrid | September 22, 2021

Community management software that helps fitness studios increase their bottom line

Do you struggle with finding the time to do everything it takes to build a thriving fitness business? FitGrid, a smart community management software developed with the fitness studio owner’s specific needs in mind, can help. By connecting staff, instructors, and clients through a powerful learning and recommendation grid, FitGrid helps you leverage the power of your community to drive your studio’s profitability.

Here are four ways that using FitGrid can help you grow your fitness studio’s revenue, right now:

Save time and energy, while increasing revenue

According to Campaign Monitor, marketers who use segmented campaigns see huge boosts in revenue, some note as much as a 760% increase! Knowing that segmentation is a foundation of email marketing success, FitGrid created an automated outreach platform that allows you to divide your client base into segments so you can intervene with at-risk clients and recognize your most loyal ones. FitGrid sends your staff daily recommendations on who and how to reach out to your customers. Much of the outreach is automated, helping save you precious time and energy, while allowing you to customize messages to give them a personalized touch. 

Cultivate community to keep clients walking through the door

People want to feel that they belong to something bigger than themselves. Nurture community at your studio, and your business can thrive. From creating in-depth client profiles that allow you to understand your clients’ goals, preferences and habits, to a consumer-facing app that allows studio-goers to connect with other clients online, to a feature that allows instructors to communicate with their students, increasing engagement, loyalty, and revenue, FitGrid has created several solutions that help you cultivate community. Sending instructor follow-ups from the FitGrid Pro App, for example, can increase the number of first-timers who come back to your studio by up to 65 percent.

Empower your clients to be your biggest advocates

Word of mouth referrals are widely considered to be the most effective form of marketing. People might not trust marketing messages from a company, but they do trust what their friends love and recommend. The FitGrid Class App makes client referrals simple and intuitive, allowing people to invite their friends and family to class with a simple click of the button. We’ve found that about 1 of 6 members referred via FitGrid end up joining the studio.

Use your resources wisely to decrease customer churn

Research indicates that it is much easier and more cost effective to regain a past client than to find new clients. FitGrid empowers you to easily connect with past clients and get them back in your studio. Our clients have seen real success in driving revenue by winning back clients. For example, Cindi Nikituk who owns four locations of Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping sent out messages to 1,277 unique clients who had not been in the studio in 7, 30, 60, 180, or 365 days through the FitGrid Win-Backs function. 392 of these communications turned into return clients –a conversion rate of 31 percent, without offering discounted programming. The FitGrid Pro App elicits similar results, with 65.3 percent of first-time clients came back to the studio after receiving an instructor follow-up message.

FitGrid knows the fitness business and has developed community management solutions with your success in mind. What are you waiting for? Let FitGrid fuel your studio’s success today. Try FitGrid for free for 14 days. 


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FitGrid is a community management system designed for boutique fitness studios to engage clients on a personal level

FitGrid is the only smart community management software that helps fitness studio owners drive success. By connecting staff, instructors, and clients through a powerful learning and recommendation grid, we help you leverage the power of your community to drive your studio’s profitability.

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