Leading Studios Partner with FitGrid

FitGrid partners with popular franchises across the country to deliver a better client experience, improve retention, and boost revenue for franchisees.

New York City   May 12, 2020

Some of the biggest gym and studio franchises in North America (and beyond) have been using FitGrid for years to build deeper connections with their students that result in more efficient, profitable, and retention-minded businesses. These include such brands as The Dailey Method, D1, Spenga, Kaia Fit, and F45.  

Case in point, F45 Flatiron in New York City had two goals in mind when adopting FitGrid—increase the number of clients who return to the gym, and get coaches to sell more classes. After using FitGrid tools for nearly three years across six F45 locations, the franchise has found that 79 percent of clients are opening the follow-up messages they receive for the instructors via FitGrid’s instructor app, and 70 percent of first-time clients have come back to the studio after receiving these follow-up messages. 

“FitGrid has been a game-changer for us,” said F45 Flatiron co-owner Luke Catanecci. As a result of the insights learned from FitGrid, he has modified the studio schedule to better align with their clients’ needs, resulting in increased profits.

Another powerhouse fitness brand, The Dailey Method,, has been using FitGrid at 28 studio locations across its barre and cycling studio franchise—including at the flagship studios in Fairfax and Corte Madera, CA—since 2018. As COVID-19 impacted the fitness industry through its closure of non-essential businesses, Dailey Method founder Jill Dailey recognized the need to restructure the way the studios operated in response to these changes. She was able to implement FitGrid LIVE in just one day to begin live-streaming to her students. 

“FitGrid has been amazing and so supportive. It has saved us a lot of time getting people registered for their classes and enables us to quickly connect with multiple students after each experience,” said Dailey. 

Since implementing FitGrid LIVE, the franchise has seen class sizes triple to an average of 26 students per class, with the largest class hosting 157 students. The Dailey Method has a retention rate of 70 percent during COVID-19, showing that engagement with students before, during, and after class keeps students coming back to take multiple classes over time. 

“FitGrid has been an extremely valuable retention tool for us at D1 Cool Springs over the past 6 months,” says Patrick Massoni, Assistant General Manager of D1 Cool Springs. “It has provided us with important insights into client utilization, as well as enabled us to interact with our members like never before. It has also given our clients an easy way to make their voices be heard by allowing them to evaluate our coaches, our workouts, and our facility on a regular basis. We have been able to make important adjustments to our business based off of the feedback that FitGrid has provided us, and have no doubt that these adjustments will allow us to retain our members much longer than we would have before.” 

With multiple locations to manage, it’s important that franchisers can operate efficiently to maximize success and profits. Whether customer retention, improving customer experience, or cutting costs to increase profits is the goal, studios can rely on FitGrid’s SaaS platform to accomplish its goals.

FitGrid is the only smart community management software that helps fitness studio owners drive success. By connecting staff, instructors, and clients through a powerful learning and recommendation grid, we help you leverage the power of your community to drive your studio’s profitability.

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