This One Thing Can Help You Increase Customer Retention

    FitGrid | October 15, 2021

Leverage instructor communication to increase engagement, retention and revenue at your studio.

What if you could increase customer retention and engagement at your fitness studio right now? By empowering your instructors to engage with their students, you can save time and boost revenue in just a few simple steps. The FitGrid Pro App was designed specifically to help studio owners nurture these important connections to build community and improve sales. 

The FitGrid Pro App is more than just a marketing automation function, it is a platform that builds one-on-one relationships, cultivates community, and helps to boost performance in the studio and on your P&L by facilitating communication between instructors and students.

Skeptical? Let the numbers speak for themselves. 

​​During their first year using FitGrid, Pure Body Studio found that 65.3 percent of first-time clients came back to the studio after receiving an instructor follow-up message, compared to the 12.5 percent of first-time clients that came back after not receiving a follow-up message. They also saw a 79 percent average open rate on their FitGrid Pro App messages, and a 52.8 percent increase in the number of first-time students returned to the studio compared to those who did not receive a follow-up.

What is the secret sauce that makes these metrics jump with very little input? A few things make the FitGrid Pro App a must-have for studio owners who want to increase their customer retention:

1.) Follow up when the time is right – The FitGrid Pro App allows you to set unique instructor email timelines, based on customer visits. You can set easy-to-trigger, templated, yet customizable follow-ups after certain visits of the studio’s choosing, such as a student’s first, fifth or tenth class.  Your instructor’s Pro App dashboard will tell them exactly who they need to follow up with and will make sending the emails as easy as a click of a button. The instructor can message select students or all of the students from class at once within the 48 hours after class.

2.) Allows you to strengthen instructor-client connection – Instructors are often one of the main reasons people visit your studio, so it is imperative that you focus on how they communicate with your community. Empower your instructors to build relationships with their clients by using the FitGrid Pro App to review a client’s goals along with any notes that instructors have jotted down about that person’s class experience. They can also review injury information, upcoming special achievements and milestones, and see when client’s class packages are coming to an end. The FitGrid Pro App facilitates strategic communication that builds loyalty and engagement, which can help your instructors fill their classes more regularly. The stronger the bond between instructor and client, the more likely people are going to be to return to your studio.

3.) The right balance between personalized and customizable – Instructors can write their follow-up templates in their own voice, this way the messages feel authentic. Instructors can either send out their general templated email with a quick click of a button, or choose to write a more personalized message to select students that might need an extra boost or customized messaging. Clients are able to respond directly to the instructor’s emails with a hidden email address to ensure that their personal details stay private and within your studio’s system.

4.) The FitGrid Pro App pays for itself  The Pro App facilitates up to 70 percent more first-timer returns, which means more revenue for your studio. If you are able to secure just one student membership through FitGrid’s Pro App and other services designed to help studio owners succeed, the service will pay for itself. For example, Bikram Yoga Rye Brook used the Pro App to send out follow-ups to 356 first-time clients. 248 of those clients returned, which is a 70 percent retention rate of first-time clients. Other studios have seen results ranging from a 60 percent increase in client retention to a 10 times increase in class size to a 30 percent win-back rate. No matter how you slice it, FitGrid’s features help studio owners drive tangible success.

5.) Track instructor performance – The FitGrid Pro App owner dashboard allows you to see which instructors are retaining clients and which are not. With this function, you can find out who to reward for their exceptional customer retention skills and catch problems before they spiral out of control. The Pro App’s instructor dashboard also gives instructors access to view their own retention rate and open rate, and they can see how they are performing over three and six months anonymously benchmarked against their peers. If FitGrid’s Client Feedback feature is activated, instructors can also see what their students are saying about them. Having access to this information inspires instructors to take initiative to improve their performance in the studio and in digital communication, driving client loyalty, and retention.

The FitGrid Pro App was developed to fit your specific needs as a studio owner. The service is affordable, simple to implement, and drives proven results. Let the app speak for itself. Start increasing your customer retention today, try FitGrid Pro App along with FitGrid’s other community building, revenue-driving features free for 30 days, or talk to our team about how to get more out of your current features.


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