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Leverage your instructors to drive revenue, loyalty and awareness

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In the typical studio...

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There are 4x as many instructors as managers
Instructors see hundreds of clients a week
Clients connect most deeply with instructors
Yet few studios have the resources or tech to train and guide the largest part of their workforce to gather information, drive growth and increase retention of clients.
..until FitGrid Pro
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The FitGrid Pro Solution

A simple system to help you and your instructors boost retention and revenue.
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1. You get admin tools that take 10-15 minutes to set-up
Includes MINDBODY integration and YOUR guidelines for use. Maintain control of your brand voice.
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2. Instructors get invited to download the FitGrid Pro app
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3. The app guides instructors to maximize their retention rate
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4. You get simple reports showing effectiveness
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FitGrid Pro App Features

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Don’t Worry, Your Instructors Will Use It

Here are just a few reasons instructors say they love using the app.
Retention is a point of pride
Higher client retention can lead to more money or greater recognition
Follow up messages can include links to their social media, which grows their following
They love connecting with clients
Don’t take our word for it.
Schedule a free trial!
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Simple & powerful reports

Screenshot of sample admin reports
Get a fast handle on how the app is doing with reports on percentage of instructors activating the app, sending & personalizing follow-ups, using notes and more.
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“One of the most effective retention tools I’ve ever seen. As a single manager studio, the ability to use my instructors to get and keep customers takes a huge burden off me.”- Radan Sturn, Founder, LIFTONIC
“This is an awesome tool to stay connected with clients. It’s super simple to follow up and to see a breakdown of who’s coming to class ahead of time. I also love the notes feature.”- Alexa Ibarra, Yoga Instructor
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No contracts. Cancel at any time.
$0 first 2 months
$99 a month, per location, after free trial*
Harnessing the power of your instructors to increase growth is a business no-brainer. Contact us to learn how FitGrid delivers maximum returns.

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