FitGrid has proven retention increases of 20%+


Instructors are 60-90% of your Workforce

Leverage them to boost retention, revenue and to help strengthen your community


FitGrid helps you empower the largest part of your workforce to positively represent your brand and deepen client connections


FitGrid has demonstrated client retention increase of 20% - 60%+ with existing studio partners


Your admin dashboard provides business intelligence insights about the effectiveness of your efforts

An App for Your Instructors

Boosting studio retention begins with putting information at instructors’ fingertips

Forming Deep Connections with Clients

The FitGrid Pro app gives instructors important information on who’s coming to class so they can better personalize their classes, and their individual interactions.

We allow instructors to send personalized follow-up messages in seconds, extending the connection between the client and instructor beyond the classroom while preserving your studio’s confidential client contact information.

We also allow clients to respond back to their instructors, completing the feedback loop.

The effect?

Energized instructors. Greater client engagement. Higher retention.

And all without you losing control.

FitGrid Pro App Features

Once your instructors are activated they get access to a powerful array of tools to help them form deeper connections with clients


FitGrid integrates with MINDBODY in less than 5 minutes with just a few simple steps


Instructors are encouraged to send messages to clients based on your studio’s guidelines, deepening connection and impacting attendance


Instructors interact with your clients on a daily basis. We give them the information to know who they’re talking to.


Instructors are given insight into how they are performing on a client retention basis. The first step to improvement, is knowing where they stand.

Features Continued

The FitGrid Pro platform provides a suite of tools for studio operators and instructors, arming both with a powerful set of client connection capabilities


Setup takes less than 5 minutes


Powering instructor to client messages


Instructors follow up reminders


Positive praise + feedback for instructors


Notes to help better understand clients


Simple reporting in your dashboard


Get direct feedback from clients


Understand age, gender, visits, etc.


Granular data for your business

45 Second Explainer

Your instructors are a key part of your team. They have to buy in to what you’re doing. When client connections run deeper, everybody wins.

Owner Admin Dashboard

Powerful Insights, Controlled Communication & Actionable Analytics

View your studio and individual instructor retention rates – by location – simply and easily. Understand who your top and bottom performing staff members are.

Recommend what instructors say in follow-up messages.  Know which are sending them. Understand open and click rates.  And even see what they sent.

Actionable Analytics
Absorb key features like the instructor retention ranking and make savvy decisions for you business. Is client retention dominated by one or two instructors, or is everyone pretty even?

You want this spread evenly so your business isn’t threatened by the loss of one person.

Our Clients

We partner with the game-changers in Pilates, Yoga, Bootcamp, Boxing, Barre, and more, globally. Ask us for a reference!

Radan Sturn

Radan Sturn

Founder, Liftonic

One of the most effective retention tools I’ve ever seen. As a single manager studio, the ability to use my instructors to get and keep customers takes a huge burden off me.

Alexa Ibarra

Alexa Ibarra

Yoga Instructor

This is an awesome tool to stay connected with clients. It’s super simple to follow up and to see a breakdown of who’s coming to class ahead of time. I also love the notes feature.

About FitGrid

Who We Are

Ntiedo Etuk
Founder & CEO, FitGrid

I came up with FitGrid as a result of pain.  I had been diagnosed with extreme plantar fasciitis (a tightness in the feet) due to too much running and lower body exercise.  It was so bad I couldn’t stand for more than 15 minutes. Finally, after a year of living with the pain, I finally went to the physical therapist.

He said that in addition to rehab, I should try Pilates to strengthen my core. Of course, my first reaction was “What’s Pilates?” Nevertheless, I found an amazing instructor who would end up doing two private sessions a week with me, and then I would visit her class on the weekends.  She changed my life. Within 3 months the pain was gone and I was back up and running. Extreme gratitude understates exactly what I felt.

But along the way I realized that the reason I had stayed with it, worked through the challenges, and made it to the end, was because of my connection with Holly (my instructor) and the other great people in the class. Many of us became friends and those connections pulled me through.

FitGrid is a testament to that.

In a world where we are more connected to each other but seem less connected with each other, we celebrate the ability to create deeper, more meaningful bonds with the important people in our lives.

At FitGrid we shoot straight and to the core. We love to take challenges, dissect them, and come up with solutions. We also believe in the power of connection and the power of community.

We live that every day – from lunches, to outings, to knowledge sharing, to simple fist bumps – and we take pride in helping others build and celebrate their own, because through that we believe the world just gets better.

As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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