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FitGrid is the first communication and connectivity platform with the industry’s leading live-stream solution for boutique fitness studios. This powerful system personalizes communication between studios, instructors, and clients to strengthen relationships and foster communities.

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  • FitGrid Report

    65% of Independent Fitness Studio Owners Predict Solid Growth for the Next Two Years

  • FitGrid Class App
    Product Launch

    New FitGrid Class App Connects Classmates, Instructors & Studios

  • FitGrid Launches FitGrid LIVE, Bringing Studios Virtual
    Product Launch

    FitGrid Launches FitGrid LIVE, Bringing Studios Virtual

  • Leading Studios Partner with FitGrid

    Leading Studios Partner with FitGrid

  • FitGrid Studio and FitGrid Pro

    FitGrid Studio and FitGrid Pro: Must-Haves for Studio Owners & Instructors

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FitGrid Founder & CEO, Ntiedo Etuk


Ntiedo Etuk, or more often referred to as Nt (pronounced EN-tee), is the Founder and CEO of FitGrid, a communication and connectivity platform that helps studios and fitness communities increase and strengthen the connections between their members to better drive retention and sales. 

The FitGrid Story

About Us

Fitness is a people business, and at FitGrid, we care a lot about people.  In fact, our entire business is based around the idea of enabling, mapping, and encouraging the connections between people in fitness communities — between the clients, the instructors, the staff, even the owners — and working to find ways to make those interactions more mutually beneficial.

FitGrid is the only smart community management software that helps fitness studio owners drive success. By connecting staff, instructors, and clients through a powerful learning and recommendation grid, we help you leverage the power of your community to drive your studio’s profitability.

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