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barre3 Needham

barre3 | Barre

Like many studios, barre3 Needham, Massachusetts’s first location, faced unprecedented challenges when the pandemic shut down their physical space. Using FitGrid, they were able to seamlessly launch and manage livestream barre classes, build meaningful connections with clients, and increase client retention. Find out how barre3 Needham bounced back from COVID using FitGrid’s smart community management software. The proof is in the numbers.

barre3 Case Study

Upstate Studios

Upstate Studios | Pilates + Yoga + Boxing

Upstate Studios is a popular fitness brand in Australia offering classes in pilates, boxing, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. Before temporarily closing studio doors to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, Gail Asbell, Co-Founder of Upstate, knew her four locations needed a solution, and they needed it fast. Once the studio became virtual, they quickly noticed the difference that live-streaming makes, and seized the opportunity to strengthen their fitness community with FitGrid.

Upstate Case Study

The Dailey Method

The Dailey Method | Barre + Cycling

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, The Dailey Method was able to provide its members with a positive class experience. In the days following the stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, the popular barre + cycling franchise realized they had to embrace working differently than before and embrace technology.  The switch to live-streaming helped the studios go from 24 students per class to 160. 

The Dailey Method Case Study

Lagree West Studios

Lagree West | Megaformer Pilates

Lagree West needed a better way to communicate with clients outside of class, as well as a better way to measure the overall customer experience. They were not only able to leverage FitGrid to overcome these challenges, but also to triple their retention of first-time visitors. 

Lagree West Case Study

F45 Training | Functional

Luke and Jeff Catanecci, owners of F45 Flatiron in New York City, were looking to achieve two major goals: increase the number of clients who return to their gym and help their coaches sell more classes. The FitGrid Pro app helped instructors prepare for classes, deepen client connections, and send personal messages to clients after class.

F45 Case Study


Rush Cycle

Rush Cycle | Cycling

Rush Cycle Denver wanted to create a family-like environment that would keep clients returning on a regular basis. They had established a surface-level relationship with clients through social media and events but initially lacked the personal touch that would continually engage clients on a deeper level. Since FitGrid’s implementation at Rush Cycle, client relationships and engagement have improved significantly, leading to a 31.6% increase in client retention.

Rush Cycle Case Study

The12 | Strength Training

The fitness scene is especially competitive in California, and Founder & CEO of The 12, Josh Boyd, wanted a more efficient way for instructors and clients to form meaningful bonds beyond their workout sessions, to increase retention and stand out in the crowd. FitGrid provided a solution through its follow-up messaging feature.

The 12 Case Study

Y2 Yoga | Yoga

Tanner Bazemore, lead teacher and owner of Y2 Yoga, had no trouble getting clients in the door at his studio but found it difficult motivating them to come back… until FitGrid.  “The long-term interaction with teachers definitely has had a positive benefit for the studio and for the students by building a community,” said Bazemore.

Y2 Yoga Case Study

Millennium Dance Complex Las Vegas

Millennium Dance Complex | Dance

Chelsea McGriff, owner of MDC LV, was “immediately pulled in” by the promises to aid in strengthening the community at her studio for improved retention rates. She first implemented FitGrid with only a few of her instructors but quickly introduced the entire staff to the program after her initial “guinea pigs” loved how it strengthened their communication with clients.

Millennium Dance Complex Case Study

Pure Body Studio | Pilates

Pure Body Studio had no trouble attracting clients to its Houston, Texas location, but owner Heather Erdmann wanted a way to deepen the connection between instructors and students to keep them coming back. FitGrid made the instructor-client connection outside the studio almost effortless.

Pure Body Studios Case Study

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